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Hangzhou Guanhang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a large-scale comprehensive manufacturing company integrating production and operation. Our company has been a national famous brand lifting equipment for many years, and also provides lifting and hoisting solutions. The company has formed a planning industry for many years. Welcome to guide!
Jiangsu Ouma Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the famous historical and cultural city of Jiangnan - Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, adjacent to Shanghai in the east, Suzhou in the south, Wuxi in the west, and Nantong in the north: Changshu Port, Sutong Bridge, southwest Close to the Yangtze River Expressway and Shanghai-Nanjing and Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway, the traffic is very convenient. AUMA Machinery is a comprehensive enterprise integrating design, production and sales. The company mainly produces electric chain hoists, chain hoists, hand hoists, monorails, slings and other light and small lifting products. With first-class technical team, the company has successfully developed a variety of products of various specifications. It is currently the most similar lifting industry in China, with the most varieties and the most complete specifications.........

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Omar OM brand manual hoist

Ouma manual hoist includes two types of chain hoists and hand hoists. Our products are novel in design, beautiful in appearance, small in size, light in weight, high in safety and reliability.
The products have been exported to many countries and regions and successfully passed the production license, export license, EU “CE” and “GS” certification.

Omar combination one hoist

We specialize in the manufacture of Omega chain hoists and monorail driving combination hoists
With the ultra-low-altitude monorail trolley chain hoist integrated hoist to meet the needs of users in different environments

Omar chain electric hoist

Ouma Seagull Electric Hoist includes miniature electric hoist, OM running electric hoist, OM fixed electric hoist, two-speed single-speed electric hoist and dual-voltage, three-phase electric hoist
There are special environmental operation professional aluminum alloy electric hoist, stage upside down electric (inverted type chain electric hoist, as long as the hook is hooked on the beam or fixture on the ceiling to lift the load. Suitable for temporary construction sites / stage theaters, etc. )Wait. | | | | | | |